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New Year Resolution or NOT?

With just 11 weeks until the big day ... I refuse to say the word.. Then why not start on your fitness regime now! 

In that short time you could get incredible results but more importantly build a routine into your lifestyle so when party season hits you are fully in control.

Being on holiday has made me realise that what I have created over the last few months is not just healthier habits but a lifestyle I want to keep. I have been eating stuff I wouldn't normally eat whilst away BUT I have been exercising also, as its super important for my mindset and not just for damage limitation. 

When you find a way to fit exercise and nutrition into your lifestyle then you won't need a new year resolution every January! 

When I embarked on this journey to create a healthier life.. I struggled, every workout was tough and I wanted to give up! I kept going and took it day by day, and week by week.. Never thinking that 7 months in I would still be working out most days and eating healthy.

I know 100% that if I can do this you can too. You just need to make that decision and believe and not give up! 

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