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Switching up your routine to get results

After finishing my 8 week programme that was interval training and weight lifting I can definitely see muscle growth and shape change and feel so much fitter.

Monday I started a new programme alternating cardio with strength training but much higher reps and also increasing the amount of times I workout but lessening the time.

Just these small changes have really ramped up my results. In the last 5 days I have dropped 4 pounds, and an inch off each thigh and 1 inch from around my buttocks! 

Its really important to switch up your routine so your body gets that challenge and doesn't plateau. So if you feel you are training and working out and not getting need to look at these variables. Time, Intensity & frequency 

If you stick to exactly the same workout, intensity and time every time you workout your body gets so used to it and this is when your results start to drop! or stop!

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It's super important to switch your workouts around so you keep getting results and stay moving towards your goals.

If you want to try a free workout and see how you could change your training routine then join my Information group HERE where I will be sharing a FREE workout very soon!