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Mindset is KEY.. Be your own hero!

So I wanted to chat to you about mindset today and how your thoughts can impact on your actions and what you attract into your life! 

Have you ever exercised and when it gets tough you start to tell yourself you cannot do it, it's too hard .. as soon as you start to talk negative .. that exercise session becomes even harder! 

I was working out today and instead of saying it was too hard and I couldn't do it.. I changed the message to, I can do this, I've got this, I'm going to finish this! it made such an incredible difference and the time flew by!!

You can apply this to your daily life as well. Talking positive to yourself and not negative. When you chat negative then its really hard to attract positive into your life.

A good start is practicing gratitude at the beginning of the day, thinking deep down what you are grateful for. Your health, your family all the things you have that others do not have. 

Then talk positive to yourself. It will take some practice but over time you get better at it. 

Which brings me to the launch of my new programme... As a meditation practitioner I am super excited about this...

This programme encompasses everything.. nutrition, exercise  and mindset. It will challenge you to make change, challenge your limits and use you to believe you can do it. 

The results I know are going to be incredible, fitness, weight loss, shredding inches but most of all that mindset shift which is where the magic happens.

It's for everyone and anyone and I cannot wait to see the impact its going to make!!

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