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Being exhausted, killing my body and being injured constantly. Plus when I was relying on my body so much, when I had a serious injury or I was ill it meant money was not coming in! 

Don't get me wrong I loved teaching, and have taught fitness for just over 20 years, and I still teach my Yoga classes BUT the difference is that I now have other income and can run my online business with no stress on my body, I can do this from my bed if I'm ill, I can do this when the weather is that bad classes are cancelled ..I can do this from literally anywhere and I can have holidays again as I have that income when I am away.

When I was teaching full time fitness it was always a worry as to how long can I keep this up, how many more injuries can I handle, how many more nights can I not be at home! I was injured A LOT and dreaded teaching many times!

I feel guilt that I taught every night of the week when my kids were growing up and never saw them in the evenings (my career started when my youngest was just 4 months old) If I was doing this back then, how different things would have been!

By being able to drop some live classes and focus on my own fitness my personal health has improved. I am fitter and healthier than ever .. no more overtraining and exhaustion! and I love fitness again! 

I have proved that if you put the work in that this can work and is an amazing opportunity. Lets face it Instructors do not get paid their worth in this industry! In fact since I started my career back in 1998 pay has gone down! 

Is fitness moving online? Well I cannot predict the future but I do believe online is the way forwards as gyms use more virtual and as lives get busier, people will look for a quick solution to their health & fitness needs. Push and Play is becoming more popular. I feel for years there has been a huge gap in the market. I know how many messages I have received from Mums .. "I cannot get to class as no childcare" "My husband has the car" PLUS what about all the people who lack the confidence to go get fit in public! There is a HUGE untapped market. 

My Mentoring Programme:

My mentoring programme will set you up with all the tools you need to become a successful online coach. I am by your side every step, from launching your online business to growing your social media following. 

We have weekly training calls, 1-1 calls and access to the best training and support networks you could imagine. 

I mentor 5 coaches every month and am now reserving spots for my October Mentoring Group. If you would like to learn more then please get in touch HERE or via Facebook and we can book a no obligation call. Let's see how this could work for you!

Sallie-Anne x

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