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How I changed my lifestyle in 21 days!

So HOW did I change my lifestyle in 21 days?

As many of you know I have taught fitness for over 20years. When I stopped teaching fitness to hang up my trainers to open my Yoga studio .... I stopped all my fitness activity.. so no cardio, no weight lifting .. no sweating! 

After 4 months I felt super low, my mental health went down hill, I wasn't wanting to go out and socialise and I could feel things getting worse. I had so many stories I told myself as to why I couldn't do anything about it. 

No time, Bad back, sore knees, I was too old, anything I try won't work ... 

Then I decided I could accept this or I could at least try to change something!

Which is what I did!

So I started working out from home... To be honest I always thought home workouts were a bit naff !!! and I wouldn't get results!!

BUT how wrong was I.... I mean you can see my results below!

So I started with just 30 minute workouts.. I decided to get out of bed and workout straight away as I knew if I left it to later in the day it would soooooooo not happen! 

I wont lie .. it was hard, I was unfit, I had to modify the exercises, I ached ... I moaned and swore a lot !!!!! 

But was it worth it?  HELL YES

So after a week of the above I had fallen into a bit or a routine and plus my stubborn side was determined to 

complete the 21 days !  which I did.

I then started another programme and another ..... I had created a routine with my exercise, my nutrition, had started working on my mindset with some personal development books and podcasts. 

I can 100% say I didn't think I would be here 6 months later still in routine and in fact still improving every day. As I doubted I could do this. So I share this and my pretty miserable before and after pics to encourage you to do the same... 

YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS. I am not special, I'm just like you!  I just decided enough was enough. Now my days are completely different .. I get out of bed early, workout, read or listen to my personal development, I socialise, I'm more productive and organised and I put it all down to the fitness and nutrition routine I started back in February. We truly do underestimate the power of exercise and food we eat! and routine .. and if you are telling yourself you have no time then call yourself out!

If you want to do the same then reach out to me ... I know I can help you. Trust me I know how you feel and 

My Top tips:

  • Dont procrastinate on your workout ... get it done early!
  • Plan your morning! 
  • Schedule your day and see where you waste time .. You will see you do have time to food prep and workout
  • Personal Development - Try reading "5 second Rule" Mel Robbins ( great if you procrastinate)
  • Plan your meals on a Sunday for the rest of the week

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