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Getting Back to Routine

So kids are getting ready to go back to school and you are gearing to get back into full routine again! Has your nutrition gone a bit to pot!! My kids are grown up now BUT I remember it well! Days out where healthy eating is non existent, ice creams, chips by the beach, parties and BBQs. If you run your own business as well then it eve harder to fit everything in!

Not to mention what has happened to that exercise routine! Kids have probably run you ragged ...haha.... but there has been no structure in your routine and maybe you have skipped a few or all workouts! 

Yep I remember it well! Don't you think it feels great to crave that routine though. I function so much better with it than without it!


Let me help you and I will share how I create my routine. 

Firstly I have a planner. (See Below) My Planner has times of the day throughout as I can get really distracted so In those times I pencil in all the jobs I need to accomplish that day. I start by filling in my non negotiable things that I have to do! So my daily routine for example! That's my workouts, my non negotiable daily work activities. The things that look after my health and mindset and the activities that drive my business forwards!  Appointment or calls I have go in also. Then I can see my available time left! 

My Daily Planner

When I do this and I am sure this will happen to you as well.......I can see so much time I have available! 

I mean things that I used to waste my time on like ... binge tv/ netflix are no existent now! Unless its my planned time out! 

So once have planned my non negotiable tasks I find a time slot that is 2-3 hours, just once a week, to get the longer jobs in that take more time. For Example:Blog posts, newsletters, website editing etc.

It's super important to plan in some you time as well so a coffee break oh and I love some personal development reading but that blog is for another day ! 

So Summer Holidays has been hard to commit especially to exercise and nutrition so here is my game plan to help you tick that off your planner!

I am running my next online group Kicking off in September. YES 3rd September!!

This time round we workout for points ! Yes I have a reward scheme for my challenge group. 

How does it work?

1. You make me your coach

2. We agree on a programme that fits your daily planner activity and your goals

3. You receive access to my private accountability group on Facebook where I post daily, go live weekly and where you become accountable. Your daily activity will not only mean you get great results but also gains you points and a chance to win our challenge group competition. It's a win win situation !

If you are worried about the investment then you get a 30 day money back guarantee 

but lets face it you won't be needing that! 

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