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Would you De-Value yourself?

Would you de-value yourself ?

Now what do I mean by that?

I mean things like seeking for a job that requires less knowledge and experience than you have because you feel not worthy, falling into a relationship because you feel "You cannot get any better"

So in general accepting less than your worth!

Now I am known to be pretty stubborn and nowadays " I will not accept less than I am worth" before yes I have but now ..NO !

BUT ... the thing is this. In the industry I work in it seems that so many people/businesses are prepared to do just this "accept less than they are worth"

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Now I am not saying don't be flexible as in a fast moving industry we have to be just that. But look at some of these big companies have de-valued the fitness industry. Gyms popping up left, right and centre selling 24/7 memberships for ridiculous prices that I for one can not compete with! Now I am all for memberships and helping clients to save money .. BUT there becomes a limit. Now 20 years ago when I was teaching in the community my fitness classes were £2 a class! and now £5.50 .. Still not a massive increase when you think it was 20 years ago! 

So with 20 years more experience under my belt and who knows how many thousands on cpd and training courses ..WHY should I decrease my class costs to keep up with those that do not value theirselves? Especially when my overheads have increased!

It may seem a good deal but how many people buy it and never go ? that's not value for money is it? Your cheap £20 a month membership has been wasted on not going at all ! This is how they make their money. Now these deals make me look expensive.... When you compare to £2 classes 20 years ago £5.50 is a good deal! Especially as you pay as you use it!

Anyway coming to my point ... Community fitness Instructors...

We work in the community. We provide access to fitness for those who don't wish to go to a gym or facility. We create an environment where you can feel safe and nurtured.We provide a great service and if we don't stand up to these cheap deals .... WE WON'T BE STANDING AT ALL!

So in a nutshell SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BUSINESSES, be part of your community. 

Supporting doesn't have to be spending money, it could be spreading the word, sharing events or just recommending

And last but not least !